Collagen Anti-Age®

A youthfull skin, nourished by science.

Our products
  • reduces wrinkles by up to 50%
  • 30% more elasticity
  • 15% more hydration

Hair Growth & Anti-Hair Loss

For healthy, strong and voluminous hair, nourished by science

Our products

Belène® Hair Care prevents hair loss, shown amongst 90% of the users after 3 months. *

Silicium Anti-age Beauty Pill


For younger skin, from the inside out

The Belène® Silicium Anti-Age Beauty Pill, with the active ingredients Mesoporosil® and Vitamin C, nourishes the skin from the inside for a visible result on the outside; ie tighter, more elastic and well-hydrated young skin.

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About Belène

BELÈNE® is a high-tech care line that is dedicated to beauty by science.

A scientific approach is essential to us. BELÈNE® products are therefore developed by scientists and skin specialists according to the latest scientific insights. All of our solutions are tested extensively in clinical and consumer trials before being launched.  We distinguish ourselves through the fact that our products are based on a unique 360° programme centred around nourishing from the inside and out.

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8 tips to make your locks shine this winter

Protecting your hair from the effects of the summer sun is no unnecessary luxury if you want to avoid straw-like hair. For most women, it’s a given. But, our locks need some tender loving care in the winter too. Each season brings change: nature’s colours transform, we change the clothes in our wardrobes, get a different haircut and so on. Each season also brings particular points for attention for your hair.

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Parabens, silicones and sulphates. Is the boycott justified or excessive?

You are what you eat. Many of us agree with this statement. But do we give adequate consideration to what we are putting onto our skin and what effect this has on our bodies internally as well as externally? Not to mention the environmental impact. Let’s take a look at some ingredients that occur frequently in the world of cosmetics, but which are also blacklisted by several people. And is this boycott justified or not?

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Creams: they do make a difference day and night

Moisturising is part of many men and women’s daily skin care routine. There are a lot of products on the market that hydrate, protect and nourish the skin. Most skin care brands offer both day and night creams. Some people think it is unnecessary to have 2 pots in the bathroom, because surely both creams do the same thing? But that’s a myth. There is a big difference in terms of texture and efficacy.

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