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Dr. Audrey Baguet

Permanent process
Skin continually regenerates and renews itself. This complex physiological renewal process lasts approximately 28 days. Skin restructuring, nourishment, renewal and treatment is therefore a permanent process. Therefore, both for Anti-Age supplements that are taken orally and for topical products that are applied from the outside, it is important to use them long enough to benefit from maximum effects.  

Phase 1

What happens to your skin after 1 month of use?

The use of Collagen Anti-Age Drink will, from day one, start up many physiological and structural processes that will eventually lead to a better hydration, moisture balance, structure, support and elasticity of the skin. Studies show that the intake of hyaluronic acid in a sufficiently high dose restores and optimizes the moisture of the skin already after a few weeks, resulting in soft, full skin. A recent study reveals that the daily intake of 120 mg hyaluronic acid results in a 15% increase in the moisture balance of the skin already after 3 weeks.

A better hydrated, glowing skin and a fresher skin tone after 1 month can therefore be scientifically explained by the effective and rapid action of hyaluronic acid.

Restoration of sagging skin, weakened connective tissue and a fragmented collagen network, is an intensive process. Studies indicate that the first significant effects of oral collagen supplementation on collagen and elastin synthesis, wrinkle reduction and increase in elasticity are observed on average after about 4 weeks. After phase 1, the foundation has been laid for a structured collagen network which, over time, will result in tighter, smoother skin. This is also the time when fine lines begin to fade. 

Phase 2

What happens to your skin after 3 months of use?

The collagen network has now been restored and strengthened to such an extent that the effects are also visible on folds and deeper wrinkles. Under the skin, a tight structure has formed again due to the presence of a denser and well-structured collagen network. In fact, literature reports that the oral intake of collagen peptides stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis in the dermis.

Consistent, prolonged use of collagen peptides pays off. After 8 to 12 weeks, wrinkles have noticeably diminished, elasticity has markedly increased, and skin looks remarkably more radiant and smoother. This is corroborated by results from several recent clinical studies. The intake of collagen peptides causes collagen fragmentation to decrease by 18% after weeks and by 31% after 12 weeks. Similar results are obtained for the moisture balance of the skin: a 16% increase after 4 weeks and a 28% increase after 8 weeks. Another study suggests that supplementation of collagen peptides results in an average wrinkle reduction of 8% after 4 weeks and of 13% after 8 weeks.

Using Collagen Anti-Age Beauty Drink for a period of 3 months is therefore guaranteed to result in fewer wrinkles, a radiant, youthful look and tighter, well-hydrated skin throughout the body.


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