Skin care products

Anti-Age Cosmetics - rejuvenating the skin from the outside

Belène® skin care products with Collagen Active D Complex® is an anti-wrinkle skin care programme formulated according to the latest technology for promoting smooth, younger-looking skin.

This skin care programme consists of 3 unique products that can be perfectly combined with each other and with the Collagen Anti-Age Drink for a 360° Anti-Age treatment:

Anti-Age Beauty Drink - rejuvenating the skin from within

Collagen Anti-Age® Beauty Drink nourishes the skin from within for a radiant, youthful complexion. This unique mix of active ingredients has been specially formulated for visibly more beautiful and tighter skin. The action of each of the ingredients used in this collagen drink has been scientifically proven. Find out more below.

Collagen Anti-Age® Beauty Drink contains the registered Collagen Active L Complex® for younger and firmer skin.